10 September 2007

RESULTS (Week One) NFL Related Humiliation

New Orleans at Indianapolis Results: NO 10 Ind 41 (picked NO +5)
D'OH! That was painful. Who new the Colts would have a great defense this year? Didn't give up an offensive TD to what should be one of the better offenses this season (just not in this game). It was close for 2 quarters, then a complete blowout in the 2nd half. The Colts offense was unstoppable, and Manning was perfection after halftime. It's only one game though, and I don't think either team will play as well or as bad as they did in opening week.

Philadelphia at Green Bay Results: Phi 13 GB 16 in OT (picked Phi -3)
D'OH! The old guy is still pretty good, Favre made some amazing plays during this game. Philly's defense looks very good, though, the offense not so much. Likewise, Green Bay has a solid young defensive squad and are always a few errant throws from getting in trouble on offense.

Chicago at San Diego Results: Chi 3 SD 14 (picked SD -6)
WOOHOO!!! It's a qualified woohoo, for sure. San Diego beat Chicago, and covered the spread, but the offense played poorly, and didn't produce. Luckily the Chicago offense was even crappier. Might have something to do with both these teams having stellar defenses, though. Chicago will be fine as long as they keep the turnovers on offense down (it was a bunch of fumbles in this one, rather than bad Grossman throws), and San Diego's offense will start rolling once they aren't facing defensive squads as good as da Bears.

Baltimore at Cincinnati Results: Bal 20 Cin 27 (picked Cin -3)
WOOHOO!!! Another game where the results matched my pick, but not in the manner I imagined. A relatively low scoring game that would have gone the other way but for 3 fumbles and one INT lost by Steve McNair. Bengals weren't rolling on offense, and only totalled 236 yards on offense, but they had lots of short fields due to 6 Ravens turn overs. If Baltimore fixes the turnover problems on offense, their defense will do plenty of damage (assuming the injury to Ray Lewis doesn't keep him out of too many games, he may have torn his bicep early in the game, but played through it). Also, about the team in the booth, huuuuuuge upgrade with Ron Jaworski replacing Joe Theismann, makes for a much better show.

Arizona at San Francisco Results: Ari 17 SF 20 (picked Ari +3)
Meh! Sloppy first half, didn't get any better in the second. Leinart threw an interception on his first pass. The Cardinals Offensive Line were awfully jumpy, racking up numerous offsides penalties. Hard to succeed with those sort of mistakes. Not a good sign for the season. Both defenses look much better than last year, and Edgerin James looks like he's going to have a monster season. Will Arizona keep on almost winning like last season? I don't think so, they show some good stuff in this game, and might still have a pretty good season. San Francisco might have a decent year if their defense plays well. Also, Mike(Golic), Mike(Greenberg), and Mike(Ditka) make a pretty good broadcast team.

My record for the week, 2-2-1. Had Arizona held on, would have had a winning week, but they didn't.

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