02 September 2007

LOL Norsk Gangsta?!?

Bendik Stuevold Enger is big pimpin', he's a norsk gangsta!!! I guess at Bjørnsletta School in Oslo he can get away with a smile like that and still be gangsta (article about a newly established dresscode, from which I borrowed this photo, can be found here).

If he wants to bring his pimp game to the United States, two things he needs to work on, first, lose the smile, work on the sullen glare, second, slouch more, his posture is far too good for a proper gangsta pose.

(I'm not going to comment about the girls by his side, cause there's no possible comment within the template of the popular pimp game tropes that wouldn't make me sound like a vile dirty old man)

OK, I'll just make one comment by way of quoting the article:
Young women at the school, meanwhile, note that bare stomachs are out of style now. Some rather enjoy showing off their bustlines, however, in low-cut tight-fitting tops. "It's just fashion, and our way of dressing," said 14-year-old Ingvild Peersen. "And there's a difference between school and work."

(emphasis mine)

Also, when an individual school tries to ban this behavior on campus, it's no big deal, but when a city council tries to pass LAWS making it illegal to dress in a certain manner for all citizens, then that's just plain stupid. And here's a pro-sagging column from police Lt. Steve Rose in today's Atlanta Constitution Journal.

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Geez, that's a guy in the middle?