01 September 2007

LOL Lutz?!?

This makes a lot more sense if you imagine that GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, has a habit of speaking about himself in the first person like Sen. Bob Dole.

Why am I picking on GM today?

No good reason. Just liked the photo when I saw it at Autoblog, it was calling out to be defaced. GM has actually done pretty well this year sales wise, but that's mainly cause the sharp downturn in SUV and truck sales in the first quarter reversed itself in the 2nd quarter (and sales look strong in those segments for the 3rd quarter). Once gas prices stabilized then slid back, GM's fortunes rebounded.

The company still has massive structural problems, massive image problems across their brands, but especially at their 'luxury' divisions of Buick and Cadillac, and despite making a better product of late, lag in perceived value against their rivals.

Looks like Toyota won't take over #1 in worldwide car sales in 2007, but it almost definitely will in 2008.

Bob Lutz has done a good job, but he is 75 years old, and the company he helps run is still in a lot of trouble. Still, at least they're not as bad off as Ford or DaimlerChrysler.

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