11 April 2007

Idle Speculation

The following rests on a set of assumptions that may or may not be false.

The first assumption is that President Bill Clinton, is, was, and ever shall be, a horndog.

The second assumption is that no matter how short (or long) of a leash his dear wife keeps him on, this man has plenty of opportunity to indulge his libidinous desires for non-uxorial nookie.

Having these not entirely unreasonable assumptions in place, why hasn't any of the campaigns in opposition to Senator Clinton sent some indiscreet nookie Bill's way yet?

Is it a matter of timing? Are they waiting for just the right moment to damage her? Is it possible that he's changed his ways and from now on will be faithful, dutiful, and committed to their marriage?

Or do people fear that a Bubba Bimbo Eruption would actually help Hillary? A straying husband could humanizing her, give her a chance to dump Bill for good (even as their marriage falls apart Bill would talk up Hillary's campaign). The sympathy she'd raise might outweigh the credibility she'd lose (and she would lose credibility as the cheated upon who turned a blind eye).

So maybe someone within the Clinton camp is just waiting for the right time, and casting the right indiscreet young woman, to "Free Willie".

Hopefully this time it will be something a little more upscale than a Gap dress that provides the 'evidence'. Also, to help Hill with the African American vote, maybe the lass will be from a good Harlem family (where Bill for some reason keeps his office).

Again, all idle speculation, the Clintons marriage is none of the country's business, if they are happy with each other (or their arrangement), then as long as that arrangement doesn't effect national security (like say, Pres. Kennedy's taste in nookie most probably did), then it's really between them and nobody else.

Still, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the campaigns (more likely a Democratic challenger than GOP) might see this as an avenue for an attack.

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