04 April 2007

Allow Me to Translate

Mullen said the "main message" in the United States having two aircraft carrier battle groups at present in the Persian Gulf "is to reassure our friends" from a "position of great strength."

From this piece (via Drudge) by the AFP (no byline), but I think the real main messages are,

a) We aren't all pussified like the Brits/Europeans (at least not yet, the first Tuesday in November 2008 will decide how unpussified we remain).
b) We won't hesitate in unleashing hell upon your shores should you try this with Americans.

The problem is that there may be elements within the Iranian Revolutionary Guard that want hell unleashed on their own country believing (wrongly) that a direct military confrontation with the United States will solidify their power and shore up their waning support with younger Iranians. Plus they might also have some zealots in their midst that believe that this will hasten the return of the Hidden Imam. Sometimes you have to make the times fit the prophecies, I guess.

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Icepick said...

Hey, pussified people might be more dangerous than you give them credit for. After all, Hillary carries a nuke in her snizz. Now THAT'S hardcore!