06 April 2007

Because Somethings need pointing out . . .

Down with DRM.

This week Apple and EMI announced that they'd soon be offering DRM free AAC tracks through iTunes.

EMI also announced that other sites will be getting DRM free MP3s and WMAs. Woohoo!!!

Now if they'd also offer up a 'digital locker' service so you could re-download purchased tracks in case of hard drive disasters or you've changed main computers, then they'd really be selling something people want. Plus, I think Apple is making a mistake by charging a 30 cent premium for these tracks as individual downloads (all full album downloads from EMI will be at the better bitrate).

99 cents is a bit steep for a single track really, and $1.29 is less attractive, even without DRM. The music industry could move a lot of tracks if they started charging 49 cents per track and $5.99 per album. But they think they can't make money at those prices, even though when it comes to digital tracks, selling a greater volume at less profit has less barriers than attempting the same strategy with physical media.

Relatedly, at Danni.com (NSFW, unless you work at a really cool job), they've ended DRM on all their future and past videos.

So all you men (or women) who love women who love women for pay (to be fair, some of the gals on that site might love women on their off time, too), you have a new reason to cheer.

Also, to celebrate, thought I'd post three "safe for work" photos culled from that website. I've always been fascinated by the non-porn, porn shots that set up a porn pictorial. I'd love to see a coffee table book of non-porn, porn shots. It's an artform really.

Besides, boobies seems to be the theme of the day, and rather than talking about the boobies of some boobie that thinks people only talk about her because of her boobies (and it's all that nasty old UofW Law Profs fault!), I figured I'd feature women who have the good grace to be exceedingly beautiful and willing to share that beauty for all to see.

(and The Guardian once again proves what boobies they are by giving column inches to the boobie in question)

(and though it pains me to say so, Prof. Althouse is being a boobie for bothering to respond to this boobie's slander, it's a losing game, rather than talking sense to these folks, photoshopping is probably the best revenge)

God bless these women, and God bless America.

First up, Dita Von Teese, she of the great name, burlesque routines, and formerly Mrs. Marilyn Manson. If he broke up with her, what was he thinking? (of course, what was she thinking in marrying that freak in the first place?). If you are in Las Vegas from April 15-20 (and why wouldn't you be?), you can catch her as the guest performer with the MGM Grand's Crazy Horse Paris. And like most folks, it would seem, she has her own website at Dita.net. Of course she has a Wiki entry, why wouldn't she?

Next up, the wonderfully (and appropriately given this pictorial's theme) named Penny Flame. This one's for all you brave firefighters out there. This is a typical 'set up' shot. Utterly ridiculous, not really erotic, yet has a charm of its own because of its clunky obviousness. Being a thoroughly modern pornstar, Penny has her own myspace page, and she has a Wiki entry about her. I'd be surprised, but that's the internet for you.

Finally, Nikki Nova, she's the "Danni Girl" for April, so figured I'd include her. You probably "don't" recognize her from one or two of those "Skinimax" movies you never, ever watch on Cinemax latenight. Nice bike, anyway, and she does have impressive legs. Again, a shot you wouldn't see in another context other than as prelude to promised nakedness. She too, has a myspace page and a Wiki entry. Plus, she's nearly my age. She's in great shape for an old lady.

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