15 March 2007

There Are Rabbit Holes, and There Are Pestilential Filthy Warrens . . .

John Noonan posting at Michelle Malkin linked to some YouTube clips of a Lisa Ling National Geographic special on North Korea, I noticed that there were other links to a YouTube site for Songunblog.

This is fascinating stuff. It seems to be from a committed and honest true believer in the glory and great works of the Kims, both the Sung Il and Jong Il varieties.

It's enough to make anybody with a functioning cortex ill.

In the most recent blogpost over there (about Yankee Imperialism, naturally), I noticed the first commenter felt the need to pile on the America hatred even thicker than the Kim lover.

It's too good to quote, and it's just a rehash of his post at one of his many blogs.

Notice something about his CV?

"A PROUD MEMBER OF THE REALITY-BASED COMMUNITY--Assistant Professor of Journalism at Roosevelt University in Chicago, 23 year veteran of the television industry, 18 years with NBC News' "Today" program. "

No media bias (or academic bias), indeed.

Unreconstructed Marxist/Stalinist/Maoist and "the reality-based community" can coexist in cozy comfort.

Isn't that interesting?

Speaking of commie bastards, those commie bastards have decided to try and ruin St. Patrick's Day by designating that as a day of action, expect papier mache, ranting speeches, and in Los Angeles at the corner of Hollywood and Vine performances by Ozomatli and Jackson Browne.

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