02 March 2007

Oh Man, She's So Bad That I'm Going To Have to Agree With Andrew Sullivan

It pains me to do so, but I agree with Sullivan on this one. But I agree with Ed Morrisey even more.

Not only should Ann Coulter have been shouted down for this stupid statement, but she probably shouldn't have been invited to CPAC in the first place.

She's an actor on a stage, I doubt she really believes one tenth of the things she says, but she's got her act, it gets her coverage and sells her books.

Still, no reason to enable or legitimize her. She used ugly language in an artless manner, and her point made no sense. Call Edwards a vapid, preening, pretty-boy, but not what she called him. Though I think her reference Isaiah Washington nonsense contains some sort of point worth exploring.

She's as bad in her way as any 9/11 conspiracy nut, or holocaust denier, or apologist for Islamist terrorist.

Still, I think Sullivan's panties are needlessly bunched about this (I would use that metaphor regardless of his sexual orientation, afterall, there's no reason to believe he's a cross-dresser, he just habitually gets his panties in a bunch), he should unwad himself and realize that she's a joke (and really, since the last time I visited his site, he's posted twice more on the subject), and that she wasn't well received in the room (for the most part, his reporting from the scene would suggest she received universal adulation the whole time, but I doubt his objectivity), or by other conservatives, and though there are still some anti-homosexual elements within the Republican party, it's not a defining characteristic of the party for anybody except folks like Sullivan himself.

A lot of this nonsense would go away if the state got out of the marriage business all together. Rather than picking which unions to recognize, the state should just say that 'marriage' however you choose to define it is between you, your partner(s), and your higher power (or lack thereof).

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