02 March 2007

Gingrich-Hanson '08

The Democratic Party wouldn't know what hit them if the Republican ticket were Newt Gingrich for President and Victor David Hanson for Vice-President.

Both men have amazing rhetorical gifts, and I think a sober and prescient view of the world the way it is right now.

Could Gingrich govern?

In 1980 most thought there was no way a President Reagan could govern as the politician he seemed to be from his campaign, but for the most part he did.

Despite all his baggage, Gingrich has what should be most important, and that's ideas, a curious mind, and I think now flexibility born from experience to know when to stand fast and when to bend.

But why an academic like Hanson for Veep?

Articles like this, for one, also I think after unusually active Vice-Presidents like Gore and Cheney, it's time to return to a time when the Veep is a designated funeral-goer, fund-raiser, and policy-stater.

I would be pleased to see Giuliani survive the primary battles and assume the role as Republican candidate for President, I could probably vote for Romney, even. I could never vote for McCain, he's creepy and a bit crazy, and his only true constituency is the media. He's the Republican lefty MSM types can point to and say they don't hate all 'Conservative Republicans', but that won't win any primaries, or raise any cash, so his candidacy is once again doomed.

The Republican Primary will come down to a 3 way race between Newt, Rudy and Mitt, all with their strengths and flaws. Any of those three men would make far better Presidents than any of the Democratic potential candidates.

Newt will run, but he's just biding his time (I think Gore will jump into the fray around OCT or NOV, also). I think the right rhetoric can energize and impress the electorate enough to cause surprises, especially during the primaries. Also, the press will be too busy obsessing over the Democratic side of things to notice what's going on with the Republicans, so that will play in the GOP's favor.

It's a shame that Schwarzenegger is ineligible, he's exactly the kind of person who could do great things as President. What he's accomplished with a rabidly left wing legislature in a left leaning state is rather remarkable. Former actor Governors of California make pretty darn good Presidents, in my opinion.

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