20 February 2007

Metaphor That Tells You Far More About the Author's Viewing Habits Than You'd Ever Want to Know

Buried within this epic lengthed Bill Simmons, Page 2 over at ESPN.com is this nugget

To LeBron James, who coasted through the Skills Challenge on All-Star Saturday and played the All-Star Game with the uplifting, charismatic intensity of a female porn star trying to break one of those "most male partners in one afternoon" records. Could we end up putting him in the "Too Much, Too Soon" Pantheon some day? Will he become the basketball version of Eddie Murphy, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and every other celeb who became famous too quickly and eventually burned out?

Thanks for that mental image, fella, appreciate it (bolding was my, doing, by the way).

Also, howdy neighbor!, Bill Simmons' driving distance to Vegas is pretty similar to my own, so I suspect he resides somewhere on the westside.

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