21 February 2007

Maybe Bill Should Adopt Britney

(via Drudge on both counts)

Maybe Bill should adopt Britney.

I know she's already an adult, and mother of two, but she hasn't ever really acted like an adult, and seems disinterested in mothering at the moment.

Plus, judging from that article, Mr. Gates seems like an engaged and attentive parent despite leading a pretty busy and productive life himself.

I like how he turned the comments into an ad for Vista's parental control features as well as XBox 360's engrossing game for 'children of all ages' Viva Pinata.

But back to Bill and Britney, girl needs help, one day in and out sessions at pricey rehab centers aren't going to cut it. She needs to grow up, but before she grows up, maybe she needs to be a kid first, and I don't think she got the opportunity to ever be a kid thanks to the mommy/manager she was unfortunate enough to have been born to.

Never cared for her in any way (her music was always pretty bad), but I can care for her as a human being, she's an unfolding tragedy headed to some real dark territory if something doesn't happen soon.

So if Bill Gates adopted her, and her two sons, I think maybe she'd learn what it's like for someone to tell her, "NO!" and mean it. She needs structure, reason and firmness, all things that she seems to have lacked for awhile now.

And next time you get lice in your extensions, call up these good folks (bet they'd love to get a celebrity endorsement) don't go grabbing some stylist's shears while they're not looking.

PS: I've been loving Vista so far, there's been a few hiccups along the way (a few drivers still don't exist, but everything still works), but it does provide a better desktop environment than Windows XP, and on the Premium edition, the Media Center coupled with an ATI TV Wonder 650 card (both HD OTA and NTSC tuners built in) rocks.

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