10 February 2007

Let Me Have a Word With All You Casting Directors Out There

Everyone else, you can choose to ignore this post if you want, this is aimed directly at casting directors (I know you're out there, somewhere).

The Queen of YouTube has graced us with another production.

It requires some knowledge of her recent backstory (part I, part II) to comprehend all the meaning (and scars can be sexy, so don't worry Ms. Dennings).

But my main point in posting this (other than linking yet another fun video from the Queen) is that she's clearly showing that she has the acting chops to play, "that crazed psycho-ex-girlfriend who won't leave alone the lead hunk and is like totally going to go all 'fatal attraction' on the other lead female in the picture who should be cast as somebody blonder and more 'wholesome' to set up the whole contrast between the women thing that Hollywood producers feel is so necessary for good filmmaking".

You know there's at least 11 pictures in development right now that require a young woman of Ms. Dennings talents, so get to casting her in the one that's not total crap.

You'll thank me when that film opens HUGE.

(and seriously, all you sick puppies who keep googling (yahooing in this case) for certain measurements (the latest), get a life folks, I still don't know, and as I said before, why would I share that info were it the case that I did know?)

And because it seems appropriate, here's a little Maria McKee YouTubeage

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