10 February 2007

It's Not Theft, It's Homage . . .

The Althouse post here, regarding Sen. Obama's launch of his presidential campaign.

My response:

XWL said...
I find Sen. Obama's timing curious.There's a big meeting in Jamestown organized by Tavis Smiley entitled, "State of the Black Union 2007" (presented by Wells Fargo).It's been on C-SPAN for the past few hours, seems like Sen. Obama is conspicuous in his absence.And what about his logo suggests a sunrise and not a sunset?(and isn't all this a bit style over substance-ish, which could be seen as a summary of Sen. Obama's career thus far?)If by some odd chance Sen. Obama were elected President (and not Vice-President, which seems to be the real goal behind his 'audacious' bid for the presidency), it might not be a disaster for the country, but it would be a complete disaster for the race-pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.For a person like him to achieve prominence without their help exposes them as being powerless, petty creeps and demagogues.
7:23 PM

Simon's follow-up:

Simon said...
XWL - genius. I'm borrowing that, if you don't mind.
7:38 PM

(as if I could ignore when someone notices my genius)

(and I agree with his post whole-heartedly, naturally)

And if you read the labels for this post, you'll see my other description of the junior Senator from Illinois.

(which is the other way to interpret Sen. Obama's logo)

So if I sold the T-Shirt below on cafepress . . . .,

fair use or copyright infringement?

1 comment:

Simon said...

Even if it isn't fair use - Maybe if it were satirized a little more. ;0