20 February 2007

Ballot Stuffing, TheNMN, and Blogrolls

Its time for some serious ballot stuffing. The King of YouTube, aka TheNMN (found his blog, finally), posted a new video (above), and he's looking for suggestions for HNIC '07.

The poll already includes Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (three cheers for originalism!!)amongst the possibilities, and I say he ought to win (though Gary Coleman makes a very strong second choice).

Also, I'm linking and blogrolling his blog. He's been blogging for a year, says many things with which I disagree with vehemently, but says them in an entertaining way. I prefer blogs that say things I don't like well over blogs that say things I agree with poorly. But that's just me. I understand the political stance he's taking by calling himself The New Millenium N***a, but it's a stance I don't agree with.

I am one of those people who if given the position of HNIC would ban the use of the term that begins with "N".

I blame my grandma, she was born on a sharecropper farm in Hope Arkansas. She was mostly black (her mother was part Cherokee, had long straight hair that she always wished had made it into her gene set), was the most dignified, sweet, honest and strong person you would ever likely to meet. And would never, ever allow anyone within ear shot of her to get away with using that word.

I don't understand folks being comfortable with that word, yet TheNMN refers to himself as such, and seems to be pretty cogent and self aware (if leaning towards the Marxist, we all can't be perfect).

But back to the ballot stuffing, Justice Thomas needs to be the HNIC '07, so go and rock the vote.

On a side note, I've been tweaking the blogroll some, expanding and subtracting, mostly it reflects my daily reads, except where it doesn't. Also, new blogger makes that stuff too easy, so tweaking becomes addictive.

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