30 January 2007

You'll Buy the Whole Chair, But You'll Only Need the EDDDDGGGGE!!!!

That's what it's like at Lakers games recently.

OT losses to the Bobcats (swept in the season series), and San Antonio (a game which they had in hand before a scoring drought late in the 4th quarter) on Friday and Sunday at Staples means lots of nervous time for home town fans.

The Lakers are consistent in their inconsistency. They've played great against the good teams most of their chances this season, and they've played terribly against bad teams just as often.

They are lucky to be ten games above .500, and yet they could be doing much better.

They're 0-2 since Odom returned, but he's looked good (with a little rust), unfortunately, Walton went down in the same game as Odom's return, and though it's hard to believe, Luke Walton has been an integral part of the Lakers' success this season. He's a versatile defender, great passer, and the triangle offense works much better when he's on the floor, regardless of whether he's playing with the starters or the scrubs.

If everyone gets healthy by April and they maintain a 4, 5 or 6 seed in the West (there is absolutely no chance of catching the Suns this season), they'll be that dreaded 'team nobody wants to play' come the real NBA season.

Also, Kobe suspended for a game for an unintentional elbow to Ginobli's massive nose?!?


I don't know how that schnozz doesn't get hit in every game he plays, that proboscis is architecturally impressive.

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