03 December 2006

Things Left Undone

Things I haven't done this week:

I didn't do my NFL Picks. I'll skip the next few weeks, waiting till week 16 and the playoff picture is more certain to return to weekly humiliation at the hands of NFL teams and their deuced inconsistency (for example this week, Atlanta looked good, St. Louis lost to Arizona, New England almost lost to Detroit, Cleveland beat KC, and Tennessee beat Indianapolis).

I haven't done a proper photoblog post regarding the 100th anniversary 2006 LA Auto Show (but the whole set is now up on Flickr, 400+ photos for your amusement or eye glazing boredom, depending on your car nuttiness).

Also, I haven't walked the dog yet, and the sun is low in the horizon, so I'll pause my DVR, walk the dog, and then see which team takes the lead in the NFC East.

Finally, screw you Gov. Doyle, I'll be celebrating Festivus again this year, the Michael Richards thing shouldn't taint what should be a joyous occasion.

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