02 December 2006

2006 LA Auto Show, The Videos

I didn't take much video footage at the 2006 LA Auto Show. My camera doesn't do video all that well. But what I shot, I share, so here it is.

First up, we have the new 2007 Audi TT Roadster. To my untrained eye it doesn't look much different from the previous model, but it's still a damn fine car. Also, in the description at Youtube I wrote, "This one is for Prof. Althouse". Is it pathetic or cute that I think of her when seeing TT's on the street? She could do worse than replacing Silvio with a red convertible, but then her more trollish commenters would probably deride her for buying the "Red" version, thus confirming their suspicions that she has fully gone over to the "Red State" or Conservative Camp, and was never as liberal or moderate as she claims. And even that wouldn't stop some really, really rabid conservative commenters from saying it only shows her still evident socialist leanings by buying a red as in "commie" car. You just can't win with some people.

Next up, the Chevy Camaro concept that should start production in 2009. It's a looker. Though, it's sad that the only cars that the Detroit automakers make that generate any excitement are the ones that live off of "heritage" design cues. Also, the Dodge Challenger concept is similar and attracted similar attention. These nouveau muscle cars won't win over younger customers so much as convince some older folks that they might be a nice 2nd or 3rd car. Almost all of these "heritage" design cars have started out strong and then petered out after a model year or two (think The Beetle, PT Cruiser, T-Bird, though there are counter examples that continue to sell strong like the Mini Cooper and the current Mustang).

That's it for videos, the rest is in over 400 still pictures, all being uploaded to Flickr. I'm uploading them in full resolution, so it's going to be awhile till it's all done. Once they're up and I've organized them a bit, I'll start those series of posts on the LA Autoshow, until then, you can peruse what's already up on my flickr page you choose.

NOTE: Edited slightly for spelling and coherence

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