10 December 2006

No Photoblogging For You

I walked the doggie, and didn't take my camera. It's been awhile since I've not taken photos while walking the dog. It was kind of refreshing.

I also didn't see a movie this weekend, or attend the Santa Monica Symphony.

All in all, it was an excellent weekend of not doing much at all.

Just the way I like it.

Think of this as an anti-post. A concerted effort to completely waste your time.

(Not that all those previous posts have been concerted efforts to be completely worth your time, but this one is especially unworthy)

(If you're still reading this you have more patience than I do)

(and if you're still reading this, then you're a glutton for punishment)

(and if you're willing to follow this still, then you might be thinking of that scene from Team America when you didn't think the vomiting scene could go on any longer, and yet it keeps going, and then you're thinking it hasn't been funny since the first 15 seconds and yet it's still going, and then like 45 seconds later, that little puppet is still vomiting, and not only has it gone from funny to gross to pointless and then back to funny, but then gross again for a moment and then finally it becomes a transcendent statement on the ability for a joke to be sustained which in turns has you imagining that film theory students sometime in the middle of this century will be writing 25-30 page treatises on the pivotal place that particular scene has on our collective understanding of the limits of comedy)

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