11 December 2006

New Music Tuesdays Announcement

Just a heads up that I'm going to start reviewing at least one new release every Tuesday.

I'm working on a review of Gwen Stefani's new album that came out last Tuesday. The short of it is that it's pretty not bad, the long of it will follow.

But back to this New Music Tuesdays thing, since I have this URGE subscription, and since they seem to get most of the latest new releases from the currently popular crop of pop stars, why not do a weekly review?

And since that question was rhetorical and my own answer is a question, "why not?" I'm going ahead with this, at least until I tire of it.

It's also a way of forcing me to listen to the new crap that's out there, and maybe help stop me from assuming that all the new stuff is crap. I won't review anything that I know I'll loathe going into it, as that would be a waste of my time (and yours), but I'll be searching to get out of my usual comfort zone as well since subscription services like URGE really do facilitate discovery and novelty-seeking.

So either look forward to it, or ignore them in the future, but I'll try and be pretty eclectic in my sampling, and as I can only be myself, I'll be opinionated and idiosyncratic in my opinions.

And I'll do up a sidebar link for these as they accrue.

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