23 December 2006

It's The Second Annual Festivus List of Grievances (and Anti-Grievances) Part One of Two

OK, it's Festivus. I'm going to turn this into both a Festivus List of Grievances (and Anti-Grievances) and a "Year in Review" post. I'll pick 2 Grievance recipients and 1 Anti-Grievance winner for each month. I'm generous like that (sorry, no feats of strength).

I'm breaking this up into two posts, one for Jan-Jun, another for Jul-Dec, ENJOY!

January 2006

The first January Grievance goes out to the people of Palestine. They elected Hamas as their political leadership in January 2006. As Ren would say, EEEEEEEdiots.

The second January Grievance goes out to (now former) Presidente del Mexico Vincente Fox. Fences may good neighbors, if we want to build a fence on our side of the border, that's our business. Maybe you should work to improve the conditions in your country and encourage entrepreneurship, maybe then 1 percent of your workforce per year wouldn't risk death and seek employment in El Norte.

The January Anti-Grievance goes out to Kobe & Shaq for showing each other some love on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Let by-gones be by-gones, you don't need to be buddies, but you should respect each other.

February 2006

The first February Grievance goes out to the NFL for their choice of halftime entertainers during a MOTOWN based Superbowl. The Stones at the first Superbowl would have been cool, but The Stones at Superbowl XL just plain sucks.

The second February Grievance goes out to all those stupid Rent-A-Mob's (links to the cartoons themselves rather than reports about the mobs, you remember it, no need to rehash) that protested the Danish cartoons throughout the month of February. Grow Up Folks, if you can't take the heat, stay home.

The February Anti-Grievance goes out to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Y'all had a great run in the playoffs (though if Carson Palmer hadn't suffered that injury on the first play in the wildcard, y'all probably wouldn't have made it out of the first round) and gave us some exciting games in the playoffs. Good show.

March 2006

The first March Grievance goes out to pranksters in Denmark who sullied the Little Mermaid. That ain't right.

The second March Grievance goes out to Rev. Pat Robertson. Follow the link if you want to know the specific rant that earns him this distinction, but really, he earns consideration just about every month with every word he utters.

The March Anti-Grievance goes out to the UCR Women's Basketball Team. Congratulations on your first appearance in the "big dance". Y'all were a 16 seed, one and out as is the case with 16 seeds, but you maded it, and that's a big accomplishment.

April 2006

The first April Grievance goes out to Seymour Hersh. Like Rev. Robertson, there are so many things he writes and says that could earn a grievance that it's hard to pick one, but the particular New Yorker article in question is an especially grievance worthy piece.

The second April Grievance goes out to His Excellency President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. His continued Mahmoudiness threatens the stability of the entire world. He earns a grievance for just being, but I give him an April award because, it combines nicely with naming Seymour Hersh, and also, that article shows him at his Mahmoudiest.

The April Anti-Grievance goes out to Pope Benedict XVI. He's done a commendable job in replacing a soon to be Saint. His first Easter message couldn't have been easy to deliver, yet he delivered it, and did a job worthy of his position.

May 2006

The first May Grievance was earned by The Swedish Police for shutting down Pirate's Bay. Arrrrrrgggggghhhh!!!

The second May Grievance goes out to the Phoenix Suns for knocking out both the Lakers and the Clippers in the NBA playoffs. Damn you!!!

The May Anti-Grievance goes out to all the Europeans who chose Lordi as the 2006 Eurovision Champions. I'm impressed.

June 2006

The first June Grievance goes out to the MPAA for giving Facing the Giants a PG rating for "proselytizing". What more can I say?

The second June Grievance goes out to The World Cup Referees. I'm not a Soccer fan, but even I could tell that many of their calls were ridiculous (they went seriously card happy). It was not "the beautiful game" for most of the tournament, and that's just plain sad.

The June Anti-Grievance goes out to Ken Jennings. He started his blog in June of 2006, and so far it's been a good one chock full of daily posted ponderings. He's a funny, funny man.

That covers the first half of 2006, the second list will follow shortly.

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