03 February 2006

Songs the Stones Won't be Singing

I think if the NFL wanted to go rock with the halftime entertainment then The MC5 or The White Stripes would have been much better choices for a Detroit based Superbowl than those pensioners from Albion.

I'd have gone Motown myself (Stevie, Tops, Temps) (Stevie (with Joss Stone) will be doing the pregame show) but it ain't happening.

Here are the top ten Stones songs they WON'T be performing during halftime.

10. Bitch
9. Street Fighting Man
8. Gimme Shelter
7. Too Much Blood
6. Some Girls
5. Brown Sugar
4. Short and Curlies
3. Sweet Neo Con
2. Sympathy for the Devil
1. Cocksucker Blues

Rumor is that Aretha (along with her pre-recorded Anthem duet with Aaron Neville) will perform with them for a song or two, It'd be great to see a duet between her and Mick singing Cocksucker Blues, or Brown Sugar even, but somehow I don't think that's in the cards (my guess, Jumpin' Jack Flash or Satisfaction)

I still say getting MC5 to perform Kick Out the Jams would be the way to go, but that's just me.


Icepick said...

Dude, the Mc5 guys are just slightly younger than The Stones.

In my dream world, the SB halftime show is the same length and has the same basic features as a regular season game. I have some to loath all of that additional crap they throw into the SB.

Pastor_Jeff said...

We probably won't be hearing "Mother's Little Helper," "Sister Morphine," or "When the Whip Comes Down," either.

I would pay to see Aretha and Mick singing "Brown Sugar." Since we can't have that, I'd just as soon go with Icepick and have a decent college marching band.

Or aliens.

"People of Earth! We have come 10 billion light years to bring you this halftime musical message!"

Icepick said...

PJ, I don't think David Bowie does that kind of stuff anymore. But GWAR is probably available....

XWL said...

If the Standells can play the World Series in Boston then the MC5 should be able to play the Superbowl in Detroit, that's all I'm saying.

(60s Garage is my favorite genre, especially the Americans, somehow American lads copying British lads copying American blues says everything there is to say about the world)

Morbo would be a good alternate choice though.

But, I'll ignore the halftime (as I usually do) and maybe do some DVR blogging (with screencaps) of the commercials from the first half.

Pooh said...

The Standells performed at opening day as well. It was AWESOME (says Red Sox geek guy). And I now have the opening lick to Dirty Water stuck in my head.

"And I LOVED THAT DIRRRRTY WATER! OWWWW, Boston you're my home!"

(even though it is not, and has never been...)

"People of Earth! We have come 10 billion light years to bring you this halftime musical message!"

All your base are belong to us? (base...base...base...)

Pastor_Jeff said...

Sunday night, post-game:

We got "Start Me Up" - minus the lyrics inappropriate for a national primte-time audience, natch.