17 December 2006

It Was Too Cold . . .

. . . to snap shots while dog walking this morning.

How cold was it?

Mid 40s.

Hey! Quit that snickering, and muttering, "toughen up lad", this is Southern California, and I haven't been in weather this cold since last winter. It was mid 70s just on Thursday, and a couple of showers and a big blast of Alaska air has changed things considerably.

It's not like the camera would have frozen or anything, but I wore gloves while walking the dog, and trying to fumble with the camera in gloved hands didn't appeal.

No matter the temperature, I'll tough it out and photoblog on Christmas Eve, that's my solemn pledge to you. Two weeks without some photos from various spots my dog has sniffed on a Sunday stroll is enough.

The dog didn't seem bothered at all by the cool temps, he's happy walking in any sort of conditions.

I'm working on my List of Grievances and checking them twice, just to make sure who's both naughty and not nice, so expect some Festivus related blogging some time in the next few days.

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