04 December 2006

2006 LA Auto Show, An Electrifying Sports Car

The Tesla was at the show, but as part of Yokohama Tire's display rather than one of their own.


Yokohama claims their tires are eco-friendly, too.





The car, it looks awfully similar to the Lotus Elise, but that's not a bad thing.


The charging station, unfortunately, this isn't a regular wall outlet plug in like many of the new wave of electric vehicles, but I guess they figure those buying this car can afford the price tag for installing one of these bad boys.

Also, probably wouldn't have even noticed that this wasn't a Lotus Elise (pictured below) if my friend hadn't pointed it out, plus I post this mainly cause Instapundit has expressed interest in the Tesla (link, link, link and link), I guess I'm hoping for a Glink.


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