01 November 2006

That Damn Dirty Rat

So turns out the cable (and since I get high speed through cable, also internet connectivity) outage yesterday was caused by a damn dirty rat.

In a suspected act of rodent terrorism, a single rat made a solo attack on a key bit of infrastructure and took out power on the block that houses our local cable provider.

Coincidence, or planned terror?

Call me speciesest, but I don't trust those damn dirty rats.

I wouldn't be surprised if a martyrdom video turns up on the internet any day now.

It's possible that mice were responsible, and not rats, but either way, rodent kind is at war with us, whether we'd like to admit it or not.

(it was reported in the local paper on page 3, PDF of the whole paper can be found here)


Pastor_Jeff said...

Re your ferry tale: So the golden apples have started flowing through the wire again? Or is that horse apples?

XWL said...

Yes, cable and internet connectivity came back within 8 hours of the suicidal rat being taken from this mortal coil.

So far TimeWarner Cable has been a superior provider compared to Adelphia (recently the franchise for the area has changed hands, TW now controls cable for a huge swath of SoCal).

My father speculated that the 'rat' in question may not have been a actual rat, but a disgruntled ex-Adelphia employee.

Pastor_Jeff said...

We don't have cable ourselves, but I've heard plenty of horror stories about Comcast, our only local provider.

To quote Tully of Stubborn Facts: "Competition! Is there anything it can't do?"