02 November 2006

Fairy Tales From the Antagonists' Viewpoint

Everyone is the hero of their own story. Nobody sees themselves as the bad guy.

Maybe that explains Sy Hersh (via Instapundit).

Or Saad Saadi.

Eugene Volokh defends the use of offensive costumes in the context of Halloween parties, and his argument is persuasive, but in the particular case in point, there's plenty of evidence that Mr. Saadi was practicing wish fulfillment and identifying with the subject of his costume, and not showing up as the worst and scariest thing he could think of.

Also, full disclosure, I was a terrorist (Black September style, dark jacket, ski mask, toy gun) for Halloween in 3rd grade. There was a costume contest at the Santa Monica Pier, the celebrity judge on hand was the great John Saxon, his comment to me was, "reminds me of one of my movies".

As far as the title of this post, it was an old assignment from a writing class, seems appropriate (maybe I'll post the story I wrote, also, but only if you beg me)

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Ruth Anne Adams said...

Consider this a beg.