29 November 2006

RESULTS (Week TWELVE) Weekly NFL Related Humiliation

Better late then never right? A mediocre week of picking, 3-2 against the spread. Original post here.

Chicago 13 New England 17
(Chicago +3.5) DOH!
Missed it by thaaat much (guess I have that catchphrase thing going around on my mind). I thought Rex Grossman could manage not to lose this game, I was wrong. Still, if he lead the receiver as he should have on Chicago's last play, they were looking like they were in good shape to get the go ahead touchdown as time ticked down. Instead, New England held on to win in a game they desperately tried to give away. A win is a win is a win, and New England are a solid team, but they are going to have a very tough time getting all the way through the AFC playoffs. And as far as that good gentleman from New England who comes here and gloats when I pick against New England, where were you when I picked them and they lost?

New Orleans 31 Atlanta 13 (Atlanta -3) DOH!
I don't get this team. Atlanta has great talent on both sides of the ball, the most explosive player in the game, he had one of the great all time performances running the ball as a QB (127 yards rushing in the first half, an all time NFL record), and they were never even close in this game. They can gain yards like crazy, but they can't score. It's just sad, and tough to watch. I refuse to make a pick in a game they are involved, simply too unpredictable to judge. Of course I said that before and they pulled me back in (wait, that's a film catchphrase, nevermind).

Pittsburgh 0 Baltimore 27 (Baltimore -3) Woohoo!
This proves nothing, other than Baltimore are one of the better teams this year, and Pittsburgh are a shell of their Superbowl selves. I've got nothing else to say other than Baltimore look poised to possibly go all the way this season, so long as McNair stays healthy.

San Francisco 17 St. Louis 20 (San Francisco +4.5) Woohoo!
Wrong team one, but right score for my pick, and that's what really counts. Neither team is out of the hunt in the NFC Lousy Division, though Seattle would seem to have a commanding position now given the return of their stars and a 2 game lead over both these teams. Another outstanding day from the best RB you've never heard of, Frank Gore.

Philadelphia 21 Indianapolis 45 (Indianapolis -9) Woohoo!
Indianapolis would seem to have quickly broke themselves of playing down to the skill level of their opponents. They bounce back nicely from their first defeat of the season and easily handle an Eagles team missing their heart and soul. Eagles are unlikely to challenge for a playoff spot with Jeff Garcia or AJ Feeley at QB. This game doesn't change my opinion regarding the Colts chances of making it to their first Superbowl since moving to Indianapolis, however. Too many strong defensive teams that they are likely to face in the playoffs. I just don't see them beating San Diego or Baltimore. The AFC Championship game ought to be exciting, however.

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bill said...

I warned you to stop betting on Atlanta. Local talk is that Vick isn't entirely to blame. The offensive line has fallen apart, there are 3 first round wide receivers who can't catch, and the play calling has been atrocious.

This is a team that historically has never had back-to-back winning seasons and I doubt they'll crack 500 this season.

Stay very far away.