09 October 2006

RESULTS (Week FIVE) Weekly NFL Related Humiliation

Week Five, and once again no 4-0 on my picks (more like 1-3). It's better that way, if I do too well then I might get the itch to head to Vegas.

On to the results
Washington at NYGiants (-4.5)
The Giants are favored at home against division rival DC. A Giants loss in this game will put them in a very disappointing 1-3 hole for the start of the season and put doubts in their ability to make the playoffs. DC has been uneven, but seem to be figuring things out and should give the Giants a good game. The Redskins and the points in this one. Either DC will win on the road, or they'll lose by a field goal or less. The Giants are mostly giant-sized hype and are going to continue to have a rocky up and down season.
Washington 3 NYGiants 19
The up and down Giants were up this week. Their defense dominated, and their offense did enough to control the contest. Nothing more to say really, two good teams, both didn't play a good game.
Oakland at San Francisco (-3.5)
What? I know what you are thinking, 'I thought he said he'd only offer his picks on games that matter?'. Well, this game does matter. The loser of this game is likely to run the table and either be 1-15 or 0-16. This game could determine the first pick in the 2007 draft. In an upset I think the Raiders will play with some pride and beat their bay area rivals, but sink back into their bad habits and lose their final twelve games of the season. Meanwhile, after losing to the lowly Raiders at home, San Francisco will cancel the rest of the season, refund the money of all their season ticket holders, and forfeit their remaining contests to spare everyone the misery of watching their ineptitude, or not. Anyway, as much as it pains me to type this, take the Raiders and the points.
Oakland 20 San Francisco 34
I underestimated how truly awful the Raiders have become. This was it. This was their best chance at a victory this season. Their only hope for avoiding an 0-16 game is a late season victory over a team already out of playoff contention just phoning it in. Also, just in case Mr. Davis is getting any ideas about coming back to Los Angeles, D O N ' T E V E N T H I N K A B O U T I T ! ! !
Dallas at Philadelphia (-2)
Blah, blah, blah TO, blah, blah TO, TO, blah, blah Donovan McNabb, blah, blah, TO, blah, Tuna, blah TO, TO, TO, blah, TO, blah, blah, TO, blah, blah, TO, TO, TO, TO, blah, blah, TO, blah, TO, blah Donovan McNabb, blah, blah, TO, TO, Tuna, blah, blah, Donovan McNabb (if they could bottle up all the energy wasted in talking about TO and the Eagles this week, you could power all of Eastern Pennsylvania for at least three years). Dallas and the points, the Cowboys will prevail.
Dallas 24 Philadelphia 38
The score doesn't reflect how tight this game was, or how close Dallas came to winning it. Had Bledsoe thrown a TD for the Cowboys instead of a TD for the Eagles at the end, this would have headed to OT. Oh, well. That's what makes football the best/worst/most exciting/most frustrating game to wager upon.
Pittsburgh at San Diego (-3.5)
It's early in the season, but given both these teams come with very high expectations, this is a critical game for both. San Diego needs to recover from getting beat up and losing a close one to Baltimore. Pittsburgh can not slip to 1-3 to start the season. Big Ben hasn't looked sharp yet and is a few weeks away from getting his timing down. The Chargers stellar defense and outstanding corners won't make it any easier on him, either. San Diego will beat up on the World Champion Steelers and look good doing it. Take the Chargers in this one.
Pittsburgh 13 San Diego 23
The Chargers looked good. Steelers, not so much. With Cincinatti and Baltimore in their division, the Steelers are in danger of missing the playoffs given their 1-3 start.

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