13 October 2006

Random Thought Processes of the Day

While taking a trip through the blogosphere, this link title at Hugh Hewitt caught my eye, "Conrad Burns and the Future of the United States Supreme Court".

The original post isn't what I found interesting, rather the wild tangent it set off in my head is what I find amusing.

Which fictional characters would you like to see on the Supreme Court?

This isn't a point A to point B digression obviously. How did I get to that question from that headline? C. Montgomery Burns, that's how. Imagine him on the Supreme Court. First, he seems to be nearly immortal, so even though he's already at least 120, he could be on the court for like another 120 years. Secondly, C. M. Burns would probably be an originalist, afterall it's possible he was actually around when the founding fathers were drafting the constitution. Thirdly, he'd be dispassionate, that's for sure. So he's not a lawyer, I won't hold that against him.

Now, my fictional nine.

Chief Justice Spock
(you want logic, I've got your logic right here)
Associate Justice Harvey Birdman
(every court needs a jester)
Associate Justice C. Montgomery Burns
(you'd get your money's worth appointing him to a lifetime appointment)
Associate Justice Ben Matlock
(country lawyer on the court, nothing better)
Associate Justice Joe Friday
(just the facts, ma'am)
Associate Justice Esther Anderson
(don't take no crap from noone, common sense)
Associate Justice Zoe Washburne
(more not taking crap, plus she can kick-ass)
Associate Justice Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
(adds a little compassionate everyman-ness to the court for balance)
Associate Justice Ling Woo
(evil? sure, but she did make Judge at a very young age, and you need at least one judge on the court)

Now tell me that those folks wouldn't rock as a Supreme Court?

(and talk about diversity!)

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