24 October 2006

Random Blogger Bloggeriness

Two weeks to the election, a long, long, long two weeks. MSNBC has gone into full political mode, Tony Snow was on with Chris Matthews, not a fair fight at all (nobody's posted the video yet, surprisingly).

What I'm listening to right now on Urge? The Best of Hanson - The 20th Century Masters Millenium Collection (did I just admit that?)

An amusing and lengthy (for Kotaku) article crafted by Brian Ashcraft recounting attending a gaming event, that turned out to be of interest mainly for one of the voice actors (a Japanese porn star).

Also, Go Fug Yourselves Fug-girls! Sure Penelope Cruz is sort of dressed like Pres. Abraham Lincoln, she still looks cute, and hot, anyway. Y'all wish you could pull that off.

Would random blogger bloggeriness be complete without some YouTubeage? I think not. I present to you, Gorilla Lovemaking (interestingly it's been up since February, and hasn't been marked as offensive, and it isn't offensive as a matter of fact, just funny).

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