25 October 2006

Linkaliciousness (kicky new neologism, or just really, really stupid?)

I'm going around the blogosphere, two clicks deep. Let's see who is linked by those that I link to (but don't otherwise link here).

Jackie Danicki (linked to by Amy Alkon) has an infuriating account of NHS bureaucratic nonsense. Yet, when the subject comes up here, it's always presented as being our collective national shame that we lack this sort of bureacracy, rather than to our credit. Pish tosh. (I googled the phrase, "only industrialized nation without" and all the usual hand wringing from all the usual folks shows up in the links. Some of the links aren't about health care as I left that out, but that phrase has become such a standard mantra that most of the articles in the first five pages of answers are about the US's 'shameful' lack of nationalized medicine)

Freeman Hunt (linked to by Prof. Althouse) wonders aloud about the furor regarding the anti-Ford, Jr. add running in Tennessee.

Virginia Postrel (linked to by Cathy Seipp) has two recent posts of interest. First, a Substance of Style moment discussing airports, and also another follow up on her kidney blogging that points to an informative Op-Ed package she and Sally Satel (the recipient of her donated kidney) participate in jointly.

Gateway Pundit (linked to by Pastor Jeff) attacks the whole Michael J. Fox ad for Missouri Amendment 2 head on. He also takes Senatorial hopeful Claire McCaskill to task.

Finally, I'll break the rules that I've just instituted and instead just link this Dilbert Blog post from Scott Adams, mainly cause it has this line in it

They say that dogs lick their own genitalia because they can. But I think it’s at least partially because they don’t have the Internet.

Who can argue with that logic?

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