31 October 2006

Library Blogging

Happy Halloween!

Also, cable's out at home, so thought I'd get a quick post in to keep my streak alive.

This post is courtesy our City Wi-Fi program that offers free broadband at all our libraries, some parks, and the 3rd St. promenade.

Seems to work well, I guess the commies who run this city get a few things right.

I'll just make this a me too, post.

I preferred Bert over Ernie back when I was three, having no kids I haven't had to resubject myself to Sesame Street nonsense.

And Callimachus agrees with Bill, plus he mentions that he and his wife are expecting, and to that I say a hearty congratulations, and also, screw you Europe and Japan, that's why America is great, we breed, you don't.

As far as Sesame Street goes, Cookie Monster is still the man, the joy of the unrestrained Id has always had an appeal.

1 comment:

Icepick said...

I wouldn't get too pissy with the Japanese. They're busy creating our future robot over-lords.