30 October 2006

All Photoblogging All the Time

So today was a day where I was compelled to discharge one of my few duties as a citizen.

That's right, jury duty.

No court case, just most of a day waiting to be told, "we don't need you".

That's fine with me.

Cameras aren't allowed in the court building, and there was a sign stating that taking any kind of picture, even with a camera phone is against the law.

But I have some photos from yesterday that have gone un-commented upon.

Not all the photos I took while dog walking were inspired by a urinating canine. Here's a few of them (the whole set is here)

Halloween Decorations (1 of 2)

It's beginning to look a lot like Halloween, every where you go . . .

Semi Spooky Building (2 of 4)

Spooky house?

Impressive Tree on Pearl (2 of 5)

Spooky tree roots?

Impressive Tree on Pearl (4 of 5)

Spooky tree?

Woodlawn Cemetery (1 of 4)

Spooky cemetery?

Shadow Dog

Spooky dog shadow?

An Inability to Properly Abbreviate the Word School Does Not Inspire Confidence

Spooky inability by those in charge of placing messages on a middle school's info board to correctly abbreviate school?

Obligatory Palm Tree Shot

Spookily non-spooky cluster of palm trees?

SMC Discriminates Against Ugly People

Finally, either SMC doesn't like doggies, or they discriminate against ugly people. You make the call!

1 comment:

SippicanCottage said...

I don't think it's possible for stucco houses to be spooky.

Christmas is also a challenge.

I'll check back on Cinco de Mayo. Or maybe Garibaldi's birthday. You know: Stucco holidays.