09 September 2006

YouTube on a Sunny Saturday

A variety of YouTube highlights for a sunny Saturday.

First, the Queen of YouTube has unleashed another great bit of video, enjoy.

Second, Bob Forrest's (his Myspace here) new CD will be unleashed in stores on Tuesday the 19th (or download it from iTunes where it's already available), enjoy this music video from back in the day. Also read Tony Pierce's appreciation for how great Thelonious Monster was back in the day.

Third, tacos rule! (plus a reminder, Sept 17th new Robot Chicken!!!)

Fourthly and finally, New Numa - The Return of Gary Brolsma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bill said...

"saber beats rock." heh heh heh

And New Numa isn't nearly as fun as Numa Numa was. Doesn't have the spontaneity of the original, plus the Numa Numa had the classic eyebrow manuever.

XWL said...

Agreed on both points. Saber beats rock, and Seth Green's Pres. Clinton as good ol' boy Benny Hill is brilliant, along with his Pres. Bush as dude who loves tacos.

Also, Gary Brolsma isn't as pure as he used to be. You can't be unself-consciously goofy and semi-famous. The current effort is too self-conscious to work, but it was one of the most viewed pieces on YouTube currently so it seemed as good of a fourth clip to post as any.

bill said...

There was something pure and joyful about Brolsma spinning around in his chair. One of those internet moments that was fun to watch without feeling sorry for the guy.

Also, the Queen of Youtube's video are fascinating. Who is she again?

XWL said...

Kat Dennings is her name, she's a young actor who's been in some good movies and bad movies, and she costarred in a bad family show with Bob Saget.

She's big enough to have a wiki page, so I guess that's something.

(I found her website purely by accident, found her rantings charming, and then when she started the vlogs (her latest posts have been vlogs almost exclusively), that took the whole project to another level, she really does have an interesting sensibility to the way she performs for the camera, she occupies the space between amateur and professional with great skill)