10 September 2006

NFL Week One, Results

Let's see how I've done so far . . . (earlier post with predictions, here)

Miami 17 Steelers 28 (I picked Miami in a pick 'em game)
Doh! Charlie Batch MVP!

Denver 10 Rams 18 (I picked Denver -3.5)
Doh! Jake Plummer looked like a rookie (3 picks), that won't happen again this season.

NYJ 23 Tennessee 16 (I picked Tenn -3)
Doh! The Titans must kind of suck, or Chad Pennington might be kind of good, and healthy.

Buffalo 17 New England 19 (I picked NE -8.5)
Doh! Pats got the victory, but they didn't cover, those bastards!

Baltimore 27 Tampa Bay 0 (I picked Tampa -3)
Doh! This is getting monotonous. Not the game of the week I was expecting.

Cincinatti 23 Kansas City 10 (I picked Cincy +3)
Woohoo! Got one right.

Seattle 9 Detroit 6 (I picked Seattle -5.5)
Doh! The Seahawks won, but didn't cover, and Detroit wasn't demolished, just still losers.

Atlanta 20 Carolina 6 (I picked Atlanta +5)
Woohoo! Got another one right. Except wasn't a great game.

Philadelphia 24 Houston 10 (I picked Philly -3.5)
Woohoo! This one was too easy to call to take too much credit for getting it right.

NO 19 Cleveland 14 (I picked NO +3)
Woohoo! I got this right. Reggie Bush looks NFL ready, already. Impressive effort all around from the Saints.

That's it for the early games, update after the late games to follow (record so far 3 woohoos! versus 6 dohs! against the spread)

Also, what's up with which games are being shown in the LA market? The three games being shown today are as follows, CBS showed Denver v. St. Louis and FOX showed NO v. Cleveland and Dallas v. JAX. Fox could have shown ATL v. Car and didn't. I don't get that choice at all. I can understand showing Denver v. St. Louis, for some reason they still think some folks around here care about the Rams. They're wrong, but it's understandable.

Showing the Saints v. the Browns though makes no sense, unless (***conspiracy theory alert***) the NFL knows that the Saints will become Los Angeles Santos around 2009 or 2010. They are prepping the LA market to become Saints fans as NO simply doesn't have the population base to justify an NFL team anymore. The entire state of Louisiana has fewer folks than the county of Los Angeles (4.5M v 10M), plus the NFL wants to bring the Superbowl back to the entertainment capital of the world. The Saints still look like the team most likely to be able to be moved, and since expansion is unlikely, to get a team to LA within the next 3-4 years, that team is going to have to be the Saints.


Late scores coming in.

Dallas 17 at JAX 24 (I picked JAX -2.5)
Woohoo! Jaguars comeback at home after trailing 10-0 and looking bad, turn it around and look like a very good team (as does Dallas, they played well on the road in a tough house).

Chicago 26 at Green Bay 0 (I picked Chi -3.5)
Woohoo! Too easy to call this one, also. Green Bay just isn't very good right now.

SF 27 Arizona 34 (I picked Ari -7.5)
Doh! Closer than anyone should have expected, Kurt Warner had a good game, but their defense let a horrible SF team score too many points, and almost blew the game by allowing a long pass play on 4th down that lead to a a field goal and blowing the recovery of an onside kick that allowed SF to take two desperation shots in the end zone (that late field goal screwed my pick versus the spread, I hate the spread).

(total so far, 5 woohoos! v 7 dohs! with 3 games left, updates to follow)


Indianapolis 26 NYGiants 21 (I picked Indy -3)
Woohoo! The hype was hype-alicious. But, it turned out to be a good game anyway. Both these teams should be considered serious Superbowl threats. The Giants RB tandem of small and quick Tiki Barber and huge and quick Brandon Jacobs are going to tear up most teams, just not teams with as good of a defense as the Colts.

Minnesota 19 Washington 16 (I picked DC -4.5)
Doh! The Redskins suck. I take back everything I said about them in the previous post (until next week, I think they'll rebound)

San Diego 27 Oakland 0 (I picked SD -3)
Woohoo! Oakland didn't show up, and didn't play with any "Raider Pride". Disgusting, also the Bolts are pretty good.

(final total 7 woohoos! v 8 dohs!, obviously, these picks are for entertainment purposes only)

By Thursday I'll open myself up to more humiliation by presenting my week 2 picks against the spread.

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Pastor_Jeff said...

Go Rams!

Hopefully we'll get in the end zone sometime this season.