28 September 2006

Weekly NFL Related Humiliation (Week FOUR)

If I have a few more weeks like last week, I'll rename these recurring posts to Weekly NFL Related Brilliant Prognostications. Vegas.com odds quoting of MGM/Mirage odds as of 17:08:51 09/28/2006.

On to the four games worth paying attention to.

Indianapolis at NYJets (+9)
These lines on the Colts are getting ridiculous. 9 point favorites on the road against a 2-1 team. They'll cover this spread easily, anyway. The Jets are worse than their record, and the Colts will find their way into the end zone with much more ease this week than they did against the Jaguars. Again, I expect Indy to roll all over the Jets, but then I expect Indy to roll all over every team in the league this year barring injuries to key players on offense or defense.

San Diego at Baltimore (+2.5)
Ought to be a good one. San Diego is coming off of a bye week. Will the extra week make the Chargers better prepared or rusty? I vote rusty. I'm guessing that Baltimore will continue to be devastatingly effective on defense and do just enough on offense to win this contest. I'm shocked that San Diego are favored on the road, they've looked good, but not that good.

New England at Cincinatti (-6)
I think the Bengals are the second best team in the league right now, and I'd put Jacksonville third with Chicago fourth. Beyond that top four it's a big drop off, and barring a lucky run in the playoffs, I don't think any other teams matter this season. With that said, the Patriots are one of those teams coached by one of those coaches who could work miracles and get deeper into the playoffs then their talent would justify. There's a very real possibility that the Bengals will have a let down this week after beating their division rivals, but I wouldn't bet on it. I'd take the Bengals and the points and I'm just glad I'm not actually betting on these games, cause this is one of those games that would drive me crazy.

Seattle at Chicago (-3)
The Bears are an elite team in this league, even with Rex Grossman as QB. I can't believe I just typed that sentence. Losing Shaun Alexander (curse you Madden Curse!) is a blow that the Seahawks won't recover from this week. Chicago will win, and by more than a field goal. This actually could end up being a rather boring Sunday night broadcast.

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