29 September 2006

They Really, Really, Really Hate Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin is being attacked as usual. Here's the photo in question. It's clearly a photoshop job.

Dissertations may one day be written about how those on the left feel the need to spread rumors and sexualize attractive, young, overtly Christian, non-white conservative women.

Even if this photo was real, which it clearly isn't, who would really care? Maybe they chose a fairly inoffensive pose to lend their piss poor photoshop job some credibility. Every reasonably attractive woman who places herself in the political sphere will most likely face images like this of their supposed wild days in college. Some of those photos will be real moments of college hijinks, others will be made up ones. But, it's all white noise and pure stupidity. There will be no political value in these sort of attacks in the future given that everyone will have the same kind of photos in their past (or not). I think this attack stems from an abiding belief amongst 'progressives' that all women must be feminist, and all feminist must be socially permissive and liberal (see the whole recent Ann Althouse mess)

It feels like a 'put her in her place' campaign. That's awfully progressive of those folks. And we aren't talking about small fringe types. This is the mighty Nick Denton empire spreading this bile.

I'll still blogroll Defamer, Gizmodo, Kotaku anyway. I don't read Wonkette, and Gawker is too NYC for me (other than the Blue States Lose weekly feature, that's a must read every Friday).

I don't think legal action would be wise, either. Just point out the obvious nature of the fraud, attack it, ridicule it, and move on.

And in that spirit here is my "I am Spartacus" moment (inspired, in part by Capt. Ed). If they attack Michelle Malkin in that manner, they'll attack everyone they disagree with, we all are the poorly photoshopped head on top of that bikini clad body.

Are you sufficiently disturbed/amused/puzzled/confused by the above image?


Pastor_Jeff said...

Are you sufficiently disturbed/amused/puzzled/confused by the above image?

Not too much, yes, not really, no.

bill said...

I don't know the full story behind this, but the Ken Layne letter was funny. My conclusion: it's a stupid, juvenile prank and Malkin has no sense of humor.