29 September 2006

Sure, She Can Use That Line . . .

And yes, to answer one of those lost Zawahiri lines, that grey beard does make you look gay

Tammy Bruce writing about Ayman al-Zawahiri latest release (at least latest video release, his latest release most likely is still inside some poor abused she-goat's vagina (those caves are lonely places, and she-goats are easier to come by than human females))

I couldn't get away with that line. If I said that I might be accused of being a homophobe by the likes of Andrew Sullivan.

Some folks aren't disturbed by the shockingly similar rhetoric spewing from the mouths of Al Qaeda spokesgoats and Democratic Party stalwarts.

But, many folks are (follow the Tammy link for many other voices joining the chorus). Callimachus also gets stirred up by the disgustingly symbiotic relationship between our declinist and defeatist media and those that wish for our decline and our defeat.

al-Zawahiri is the real Jackass#2. That movie, currently in theatres, don't got nothing on him.

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