24 September 2006

Results (Week Three) Weekly NFL Humiliation

The results won't be completed till tomorrow night since I picked a Monday night game, but I might as well recap my first three picks (my pick post text in a lovely shade of purple). So far 2-0-1, no matter what happens in New Orleans, this would have been a profitable week, had I been crazy enough to put money on these picks (which I most definitely am not, once again, these picks are for entertainment purposes only, please, no wagering). UPDATE: Woohoo! 3-0-1 for the week, I am teh smart, I am teh smart!
Cincinatti at Pittsburgh (-1.5)
Will Pittsburgh bounce back from the Monday night shutout? Will the Bengals avenge Carson Palmer's getting knocked out of the playoffs last year? Tough call, the Steelers do awfully well at home, but Palmer is one of the few QBs who has the Steeler's blitzes and schemes figured out, plus he'll be real motivated (or he'll have a case of happy feet because of bad memories). I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the Bengals will pull of the mild upset, and possibly win big.
Cincinatti 28 Pittsburgh 20
Woohoo! got it right, sort of. Cincinatti has to worry about the number of turnovers they gave up, and they can't expect to get five takeaways every game. Still, they looked impressive occaisonally, while the Steelers never really clicked. The fumbled punt was a huge turning point, the Bengals looked beaten (despite only trailing by 3) at that point, it wasn't the same game after that.
Jacksonville at Indianapolis (-7)
Game of the week, maybe one of the biggest games of the season, even though it's only week 3. Jacksonville's defense can be pretty scary, but Indy's offense is even scarier. Both these are elite teams, possibly the two best teams in the league right now. That Indianapolis is a 7 point favorite anyway is a testament to just how good they look. The Colts will do it. Peyton Manning is a machine right now, and their defense is still very solid. Even though they all look great still, the window is closing on this team and I think they are playing with urgency. Anything less than a Superbowl ring will be considered a failure given their talent. They'll make this a statement game and probably beat up Jacksonville and win by 3 touchdowns, not just one.
Jacksonville 14 Indianapolis 21
A lousy push, I hate pushes. Indianapolis never achieved their usual effectiveness on offense. Manning was just 14-31, but they won, and they beat a very tough Jacksonville defense. Right now, Indianapolis and Cincinatti look a cut above every other team in the league. Plus the AFC looks far better than the NFC in general.
NYGiants at Seattle (-4)
Another good game, hopefully. Seattle still looks kind of shakey, and NYGiants are very lucky to be 1-1 instead of 0-2. I just don't see the Giants travelling well, and Seattle will put on a better show for the home fans than they did last week (even though they did beat the Cardinals). Their opportunistic defense will frustrate Manning the younger and manage to generate at least 3 takeaways. The turnovers will be the difference, as their offense has been unimpressive so far. Seattle will win, and cover the spread. No late game heroics/total collapse by the home team this week.
NYGiants 30 Seattle 42
Woohoo! Got this one right, as well. Seattle has problems. They had the Giants humiliated and they almost let them back in the game. That ain't the way to establish your team as a dominating team in this league. Hard to tell if it was a more a terrible performance early from Manning and Burress, or a very tough secondary. I'm leaning towards a crappy Manning, Seattle really hasn't impressed me yet this season. I don't care if it's garbage time or not, giving up 27 points in the 4th quarter is unacceptable.
Atlanta at New Orleans (+3.5)
Show of hands of folks who thought these two teams would be 2-0 going into this game. OK, show of hands of folks who expected this game to be played in the Superdome this time last year. That's what I thought, I didn't see too many hands shoot up on either, and the folks who did raise their hand, I suspect they are liars. Atlanta looks good, or at least that's what I've been told as Fox hasn't shown either of their games in Los Angeles. Did get to see the Saints play, though, and I was impressed with them. Also, the emotion on the team and the desire to win for the city will be strong. Plus Reggie Bush as a receiver has had an impact already, Drew Breese is for real, and Duece McAllister looks like one of the best running backs in the league. Plus their defense is decent. And I know I've been told otherwise, but I'm still not buying what Michael Vick is selling. Defensive coordinators will figure him out, and bottle him and Warrick Dunn up, eventually. QBs have to be able to complete passes to be effective. You won't be able to convince me otherwise, at least not until he's hoisting that Vince Lombardi trophy in Miami in February 2007. SO in summary, I'm taking New Orleans and the points, just cause I can't pick favorites for every game, that's not my style.
Atlanta 3 New Orleans 23
Woohoo! Got it right, again. Michael Vick can't throw the 10-15 yard pass, and his +30 yard bombs tend to be inaccurate as well. His receivers dropped plenty of passes on him, too. The Saints played a great contain game on Vick, kept bodies around him rather than overpursuing. Rather than going for sacks, the best strategy on Vick is to keep him in front of you and force him to pass. Also, Tony Kornheiser must go! Lousy in the booth, although he's fun on PTI, go figure.

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