25 September 2006

Idle Speculation

Of all the charges against Pres. Clinton after his performance with Chris Wallase on Fox News Sunday, there's one that sticks in my mind.

Did Pres. Clinton suffer a stroke on air?

My father thought that when he first saw the interview on Sunday, and he should know, he suffered a stroke himself six years ago.

Charles Johnson possibly insinuates the same thing here.

He could be insinuating a chemical, rather than purely physical cause for the symptoms, but there was a slurring, a mouth with a droopy corner, and an overall slackness of muscle on one side of the face.

Given all the pathologizing regarding Pres. Bush's appearances that folks on the other side of the political spectrum enjoy engaging in, I wouldn't take this too far.

But it's worth a mention.

Plus, I hope his health is good, he's too valuable for partisan Republicans like myself to die before the '08 election.

For more substantial takedowns of the diatribe go to Patterico and Powerline, while Prof. Althouse goes after Pres. Clinton on more stylistic grounds.

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