13 September 2006

Maybe He'll Come Out of Hiding and Make His Move

(via Drudge)

Osama Bin Laden's favorite singer appears to be headed towards being single again.

How will he resist the siren call of Ms. Houston now that she's soon single?

The CIA will just have to spread rumors that she's paying a visit to troops in Kabul and set a trap for that rat.

Speaking of rumors, a rumor I'd like to see gain traction is as follows (in press release form to make it easy for news media)

In a stunning development, a plastic surgeon who requested anonymity, claims to have travelled to an undisclosed location in Waziristan and operated on Osama Bin Laden himself. According to this doctor, Bin Laden has completed a total M2F gender reassignment. The doctor also claims that despite the primitive facilities, he did some of his best work on Bin Laden. Furthermore, the surgeon claims that Bin Laden responded well to hormone treatments, and with her lanky frame and smoldering eyes, could easily work as a model if she chose. Also, it's rumored that Ayman al-Zawahiri will marry Bin Laden as soon as they find the right wedding planner.


I swear that I hadn't gone over to Defamer before composing this post (they day stamp, but don't time stamp their posts, I guess I should just go ahead and accuse them of stealing my idea). They do the Whitney+Osama thing, too. They add some photoshop magic, also (below). Now someone with more skill than me needs to create the Osama as M2F transgendered individual image that will amuse and horrify the internet.

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