28 August 2006

Profiling the Senate

I fired off this EMail to the Instapundit regarding the hunt for the 'secret hold' Senator

Shouldn't you apply profiling to the search for the 'secret hold' culprit?

My money's on either Sen. Byrd or Sen. Stevens.

They both fit the profile, prolific abusers of pork, self righteous, been in the Senate longer than I've been alive, have been silent or hostile to the whole porkbusters movement, Sen. Byrd is an avid student of parliamentary procedure, both are Senators for as long as they choose to run without any real fear of ever losing an election, even if they are discovered as the 'secret hold' offender, and neither have been added to the TPM Muckracker's list of Senatorial denial you linked previously.

I can't think of any other more likely culprits, but rather than expecting firm commitments from each Senator, push the profile and round up the usual suspects (if you can add other names to the list, please do).

Immodest Proposals

PS: Keep up the pressure, porkbusters is working, push it, and push it hard.

UPDATE: Prof. Reynolds linked to this poll at clubforgrowth.org of likely culprits, Sen. Stevens and Sen. Byrd happen to be neck and neck (that should be jowly, hanging, old guy neck and neck), but in the comments folks are making a case for Sen. Hutchinson. One big thing going against the two aging potentates of pork is that they have been unapologetic about their hammy habits, so that suggests other suspects.


mswietek said...

I was going to say the same thing, regarding Byrd and Stevens, that they are so obvious and unapologetic about their love of pork and resistance to transparency that I'm not sure they would care enough to place a sectet hold.

One of two people must know; Bill Frist or Harry Reid. Via TPM, placing a hold is done by a Senator contacting the majority/minority leader. These are the two we should be focusing on.

XWL said...

The statement from Sen. Frist (linked to by Instapundit) suggest that the scoundrel is a Democrat.

Sen. Frist hasn't said one way or the other if it was or wasn't a Republican with the hold.

Seems like he could at least reveal that a hold has been place if he wants to pressure the guilty party, and the guilty scoundrel were a Republican.

Trying to court the appearance of coming clean, rather than just out and out coming clean is part of the problem, and not the solution.

(also, I deleted the double post for you, for neatness sake)