29 August 2006

Awwwwwwwww, or Ewwwwwwwww?

Really now, is this a good idea?

(also, it should come with yellow food coloring for the water, for a little extra authenticity)

(hat tip Gizmodo)

(alternately, you could just fill it with Mountain Dew, but I don't know that you'd want to be around a caffeine addled puppy (and caffeine is dangerous for dogs of any size, besides))

(bumped into this strange fact, until recently Canadian Mountain Dew couldn't have caffeine due to government regulation, Pepsico, by reclassifying the product as an 'energy drink' and by disclosing the precise amount of caffeine, can now include caffeine in their sugary soft drink energy drink)


Icepick said...

alternately, you could just fill it with Mountain Dew....

"Give me the crab juice."

XWL said...

Well, I am a Crustacean at the moment, according to the TTLB system...

But Mountain Dew came to mind easily since many people I've known have fondly referred to the substance as "weasel piss".

(I must have missed the Simpsons episode where Homer uttered that line)