30 August 2006

I Am Teh Smart, I Am Teh Smart!

Got both of the porkers right, sort of (if the linked to post from Redstate.com is accurate).

I never suggested that it could have been both of those lingering old potentates of pork, but it should have been obvious from the start.

Rather than teh smart, maybe I am teh physic, err psychic.

I'll be offering consultations, for a small fee.

All the links to my posts regarding the whole porky saga below (plus Terminal Limits)

Which Senators Smell Most of Pork?
Profiling the Senate
Hold or No Hold
Profiling Works!

and my very first post, A Modest Proposal on the Reform of the American Political System

which reminds me, any suggestions for topics on new 'Modest Proposals' would be greatly appreciated. It's been awhile, maybe I need some outside inspiration. Surely there's some sociopolitical problem bothering you that you know only a 'modest proposal' could fix.

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