04 July 2006

Independence Day Reflections (and My Own Moments In Other Comment Sections)

Maia is attending the Reagan Ranch Leadership Camp for young conservatives.

She has an account here regarding some of her experiences at the camp.

I especially like this part (as someone who struggled with Russian himself (never picked up fluency, myself, I'm good at beginning languages, terrible at finishing them, and I was studying Russian before Maia was even born, that's a scary thought))
The other boy who's Kyrgeze studies at the University of Toronto and speaks Russian fluently so he and I have been conversing sort of in Russian, because my Russian is mediocre compared to his. Its the definite nerd place to be for future Fred Barnses and Ann Coulters and Jonah Goldbergs

That prompted this comment from me over there, which I'll repost here, just because I can, and it seems particular appropriate for Independence Day.
Somehow I think Pres. Reagan is looking down and smiling upon the fact that a young conservative from a former Soviet Republic and a young conservative from Silver Lake (which is probably much more hostile to conservatism than Kyrgyzstan) are enjoying a conversation in Russian (Russtrans translates that to "они наслаждаются беседой на русском языке").

God Bless America, and Happy Independence Day.

(also, here's a list of various Independence Days, Kyrgyzstan's is August 31st, coming up on 15 years of freedom now)

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