04 July 2006

Happy 4th of July

Independence Day, Woohoo! BarBQ'd pork ribs, yummmmm, domestic beer, but no apple pie, sorry, cutting back on desserts (no rolling fasts in this household, that's for sure), also fireworks, haven't been legal hereabouts for almost 20 years (not even sparklers).

Meanwhile, Daniel Drezner points to how some bloggers like to celebrate the 4th.

With ruminations regarding whether or not the whole Independence thing was a huge mistake.

Matt Yglesias being predictably ambivalent regarding the whole idea of the United States of America (but don't question liberals' patriotism, my take on his take, 'Why can't we be more like Canada?'), read, rant, respond, or not, some ass-hattery doesn't deserve a response, other than bemused detachment.

Tyler Cowen's approach is a little different, more along the lines of, 'what were they thinking, and or smoking, and would I have agreed with them, then?'.

Somewhat related, but expanded to all of civilized human history, Ed Driscoll connects the dots between two seemingly unrelated essays attacking pessimistic views of human nature and the American experience.

And a successful shuttle launch seems like a pretty good way to celebrate the 4th.

(though a privately funded and operated space flight on the 4th of July would be even better)

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