24 June 2006

Yes, I'm Still a Geek

Bought tickets online for Superman Returns, though I'm holding out till its first Saturday performance rather than opening day.

Also, am going to see it in IMAX 3D (though the 3D portions only total about 20 minutes).

I'm a sucker for a good gimmick, and am interested to see how well after the fact 3D effects come across on the screen.

Strangely, the film itself really doesn't seem all that interesting, and the early reviews make this sound more of a soap-opera than super-hero film.

(and while catching a bit of Spacey, Routh and Singer on Larry King, I don't think I've ever seen a hungrier look in a man's eyes than when Spacey was staring at Routh, just a tad creepy)

There's always this movie to look forward to (and I will probably see that opening night at the Magic Johnson Theatre in Crenshaw, cause that film needs that kind of audience, also no worries about too much plot, that's for sure) in August.

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