24 June 2006

The Perfect Definition of 'The Left' in American Politics, Today

"its often gaseous rhetoric, its reliance on mahatmas and soothsayers, its endless bail-fund benefits and sometimes dubious appeals to conscience, its thriving population of informers, its contribution to the well-being of lawyers, its candyland expectations and obstinate denials of reality, its fatal avoidance of critical thinking, its squalid death by its own hand."

OK, so the writer of this bit wasn't talking about the current 'left' but the whirlwind of events surrounding and shaped by Dr. Timothy Leary while reviewing a new book about that freakshow. Prof. Althouse has much to say, and I suspect the comment section may get lively.

But really, read the above, admittedly taken completely out of context, quote and tell me that doesn't define 'the left' still, today.

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