21 June 2006

Summer Solstice Blogging

Worship the Sun, at least today (though with plenty of high SPF sunscreen).

Assuming you are in the Northern Hemisphere (all you Southern Hemisphere types, do whatever it is you do to worship the longest night), that is.

Me, I'm Worshipping the Haze. Long Live June Gloom!

Here's a little blurb about Santa Monican weather from Tripadvisor.com
That being said, surprisingly June is not the best month for beach-goers. The "June Gloom" phenomenon hits beach areas during the month and visitors can expect hazy, overcast days. The temperatures are still fine, but if you're planning on soaking up the sun and turning a golden brown, skip June and come later in the summer.

Apparently, the Sun knows it has a long day ahead of it (the longest above the equator), so it's taking it easy and hiding behind the usual June low cloud layer that hangs over Santa Monica most every June and into early July.

Also, I'm done not not blogging for awhile, I plan (though I don't promise) to post at least once a day until the next solstice, so expect lots of rambling, digressions, short links, and other nonsense.

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Icepick said...

Welcome back to the land of the not not bloggers. I hope everything worked out well in the meantime.