22 June 2006

NBA Blogeration, Miami Heat Edition

Congrats to the Miami Heat. You earned a first for the franchise championship.

But you still suck.

If you want to stay competitve past 2006-7 get rid of all the high priced veterans now, including Shaq.

Mr. Riley, call up Mr. Baylor, he might let you have Chris Kaman cheap, if Shaq is willing to be a role player (like he was during the finals) and accept a deep pay cut. Any good passing center who can play defense would look like an all-star next to "Flash", so send Shaq back to LA (though this time as a Clipper) and go from Flash and Superman to Flash and Superugly, it would be a smart move.

If you don't get some good talent now while some of your vets have value, you can look forward to being the Knicks or the Bulls, and noone wants that.

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