15 June 2006

Looking For Something To DO?

This post is directed at a single person, everyone else, you can choose to ignore what follows if you wish.

Mr. Gates (or Bill, may I call you Bill?), seems you are going to extricate yourself from the daily operation of Microsoft. Good for you! Of course you have your philanthropy (Should I find it ironic that when I click over to www.gatesfoundation.org, I keep getting an error message? Bill, first order of business when you retire, fix your damn website!) and children to keep you busy, but I think maybe you'll be feeling the itch for other outlets as well.

I'm just posting this out there in the internet to let you know, I'd be happy to have you co-blog at my little website. I've been resisting turning this into a group blog, but I think you might have some interesting insights you could share with my dozens of readers, and I'd happily share this modest forum with you (plus, nobody reads any MS based blogs, so you'd do better to blog at a blogger, myspace, journalspace or typepad blog anyway).

Just a thought, putting it out there, think about it, don't hurry, and if you decide to invest a small amount of funds in this blog along with your time, well, I won't object to that, either.

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